SPECIAL: Feed The Dog’s Top Ten Nightcore Versions of 2015


For the uninitiated, I highly recommend Nest HQ’s Guide to Nightcore which defines the genre while going into its history and phases… but here’s the short version: nightcore is basically sped-up dance and pop music that sounds sort of like happy hardcore (which, for the unitiated, is an old genre of house music which sounds exactly like you’d think it sounds). Typically, the songs being remixed are upbeat, bouncy, climactic tracks, which when sped up take on a kind of trance-y vibe. There are a number of artists who are writing their own original songs in the nightcore style, but a majority of the tracks you’ll find online are edits of existing pop songs. These days you can find a nightcore version of almost any song. Just google the name of the song and the word “nightcore” and you’ll almost always find something on YouTube.

About half of this list is songs I got directly from Nest HQ’s playlist. The other half are songs that, after hearing the original version, I hoped there would be a nightcore version, googled it, and there it was. If you’re like me and believe every song would be better at 160 BPM, I highly recommend doing the same thing whenever you’re enjoying a banger but wish it were faster.

The rankings below reflect not only how great these remixes are, but also how elevated they are from their original versions.

1. Syron – All I Need (Nightcore version by babeisland)

2. JoJo – When Love Hurts (Nightcore version by Nightcore Universe)

3. Major Lazer – Lean On (Nightcore version by tacoemoji)

4. Megurine Luka – Just Be Friends (Nightcore remix by JACK GUY of JAPANET)

5. Park Kyung – Ordinary Love (Nightcore version by raddisson x)

6. The Veronicas – Cruel (Nightcore version by Red Nightcore of NightcoreReborn ß)

7. Grimes – Kill V. Maim (Nightcore version by XP Nightcore)

8. Zedd ft. Selena Gomez – I Want You To Know (Nightcore version by FAN FICTION)

9. Marina and the Diamonds – Froot (Nightcore remix by wet lil squish)

10. Jamie Foxx ft. Chris Brown – You Changed Me (Nightcore version by Nightcore Akihora)

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