VIDEO: Mr. Dream – Trash Hit

Mr. Dream may be New York City’s coolest new band of 2011. Sure, everyone’s been repping 90s nostalgia these days, but these guys are going straight for 1989, the year Nirvana released their debut Bleach and Pixies released the seminal Doolittle. These influences are tapped to the point of undeniable homage (Frank Black’s mug even shows up on the first page in a Google image search for “Mr Dream Trash Hit”), and on tracks like “Trash Hit” it’s as if Mr. Dream stepped into Bleach’s recording sessions and asked to lay down a few originals. Sonically, from the droning bass line to the crisp snare snaps, “Trash Hit” recalls early Nirvana to a tee, and a time in rock’n’roll when everyone was dirty and they weren’t doing it to be trendy, but to oppose the gaudy grossness of trends like hair metal and new wave. Somehow Mr. Dream evokes this aesthetic in 2011 with full earnestness and without pretension — even though they’re apparently a band made up of former Pitchfork writers.

Watch Mr. Dream drive home their grungy motif in their latest video for the title track off their debut LP, Trash Hit. In the video, the band walks down the grimiest streets in Brooklyn they could find, collecting trash and throwing it at other trash. If you’re just now hearing of them, it’s the perfect introduction to the Brooklyn trio.

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