NEWS: T.I. helps talk a man down from a ledge


photo cred Tony Cenicola/The New York Times


This is one for the ages. T.I. is really one of the most unbelievable, phenomenal rappers out there. Nevermind his ridiculous flow, lyrical prowess, hood cred, crossover pop appeal, trendsetting, game-changing, ATL-representing, charm, and acting abilities. Nevermind that he stands to rival any rapper out there, dead or alive, in any of the above mentioned categories. The young man may have just saved a life.

As reported on TMZ, T.I. was in Atlanta yesterday to shoot a music video, when he heard on Atlanta hip hop station V103 that there was a man on the roof of the building V103 broadcasts from, threatening to jump. T.I.P. called the station and asked radio host Ryan Cameron if there was anything he could do to help. Cameron advised T.I. to come down to the station, where he met with police below the building and offered his assistance. From there, T.I. recorded a short video message encouraging the 24-year-old man not to take his life, which the police played for the Atlanta citizen on the roof. Shortly after, the man decided not to jump and came down the elevator to the bottom floor, where T.I. was waiting for the man, and spoke with him for about five minutes. V103, Cameron, as well as local police that were on the scene, all agreed that T.I.’s intervention very well could have been the critical turning point in the man’s decision not to commit suicide.

In all the accounts of this story, the question comes up if T.I. could have possibly believed his heroic actions at V103 could play any role in his upcoming court meeting in a few days, which will determine if a recent drug charge will revoke the rapper’s probation. These are probably the same hip hop bloggers and VJs who told T.I. he really needed to get his act together for being caught with a small amount of a drug that 14 million Americans have used, the state of California is currently trying to legalize, and decriminalization for which exists in 23 American states.  To those asking these questions, I say, “Screw you, goddamn judgmental vultures.” T.I. is asked the same question in the interview below, where T.I. explains the happening to V103 in the aftermath, and his response is much more diplomatic – as usual the ATL hip hop mogul knew when to speak positively, instead taking the opportunity to repeat an apology to all of his fans who he may have disappointed with an arrest that could send him back into incarceration and delay his triumphant return to hip-hop. Listen to the T.I. interview below, courtesy of TMZ.

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