TRACKBACK: The Amps – Dedicated (1995)

In keeping with our constant commitment to supplying the masses with awesome shit they’ve never listened to before, Feed the Dog begins a new segment, “TRACKBACK”, in which we shall be sharing songs that have NOT been released in the last year (and usually some good amount of time before that). These tracks will tend towards the lesser known, seeking to highlight the under-appreciated, rather than celebrate acknowledged hits. This segment is something I’ve been planning to include at some point on the blog — but it wasn’t until I recently gave a good, complete listen to Pacer, the one and only album from The Amps, Kim Deal’s side-project from her Pixies side-project, The Breeders, that I was inspired to post something. The album is a few weeks away from it’s 15th anniversary, so it seems now is a time as good as any to drop this into the ears of the younger Google-addled generations.

“Dedicated”, the final track off of Pacer instills that kind of instant satisfaction and love that can only come from great songwriting (see: Motown, The Beatles, Rivers Cuomo, The White Stripes by the White Stripes, “Debaser” by the Pixies), which makes sense, since the songwriter is the coolest chick in rock’n’roll/of all time?, Kim Deal. Not exactly like a Pixies song (unsurprisingly), Kim’s guitar sounds more like Dinosaur Jr or Pavement, if they were covering the aforementioned Stripes. Singing, Kim sounds like Kim, lazy and sexy, her low register shyly quiet in the mix, under cymbal crashes and the constant strumming of her distorted guitar. An additional treat: in the lyrics, the former Mrs. John Murphy provides a nice summary of her disagreements with both of her former bands – “If you’ve got a minute, yeah I’ve got a minute of time/ For they all go, ‘Fuck it if you’re wasted’/ You know, giving me a rhyme.”

“Dedicated” is 90s indie rock at its best. If you’ve only showed passing interest in Kim’s work outside the Pixies before, give this track a listen and second-guess yourself.

Download “Dedicated” by The Amps

Buy Pacer on Amazon

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