VIDEO: Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars

Goddamn, but aren’t Sleigh Bells just the coolest kids in high school? Sauntering down the street in black shades, hoop earrings, and a letterman jacket over her schoolgirl jumper, carrying a fucking baseball bat (like she intends to use it), Alexis Krauss is a veritable indie punk goddess in this clip for “Infinity Guitars”, as alluring as she is intimidating – a perfect compliment to the ultra-catchy, ultra-filthy screeching guitar riffs and crowd stomps that characterize the Sleigh Bells sound. It’s a video where very little happens, and then all of a sudden stuff starts happening towards the end – but don’t even worry about it. Krauss here is hypnotizing, staring above her glasses and then pointing her chin at you, a Cindy Crawford-esque birthmark sitting above her smirk. This young blogger may be unable to mask his own high school crush for the screaming frontwoman, but as this clip continues to make waves across the internet, I’d say the magnetism of this Brooklyn two-piece is downright undeniable.

Download the demo version of “Infinity Guitars”, courtesy of RCRD LBL

Buy the album, Treats, from Amazon

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