TRACK: Navajo Bixby – Down Under

Summer may be almost over, but the indie world is still at the beach.

Keep an eye on New Jersey up-and-comers Navajo Bixby. The duo (recently upgraded from a solo project of Judd Hower’s — the dude on the right) have yet to put out any proper releases, and its been over a year since Hower’s first blog-hit “Moonlighting” started making the rounds. Their latest, “Down Under”, is an enormous step forward from the handful of promising Bixby tracks that emerged in 2009, a catchy pop number that captures just about everything that’s appealing about chilled out surf-toned indie rock right now. And there’s something downright hypnotic about the way Hower chants, “We all need our space, we all need our space,” over shifting guitar chords, as if the mantra itself is creating some sort of indeterminable, metaphysical “space” as the track physically expands underneath his voice.

We here at Feed the Dog can’t get enough of this track, and we’re desperately hoping it won’t be 12 more months before we get our hands on another one from these two. Check out “Down Under” below, courtesy of Weekly Tape Deck.

Download “Down Under” by Navajo Bixby (via WeeklyTapeDeck)

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