NEWS: Dom has a last name.

For those of you who have not been following the rise of psych-pop phenomenon Dom, the band and its namesake frontman have enjoyed keeping a lot of the details of their background shrouded in mystery and allure as they’ve been rising into the public eye over the past few months — as mentioned in my recent Huffington Post review. This was perhaps made most clear in an interview with Pitchfork, in which Dom (the frontman) refused to share his last name, purportedly because he “owed a lot of money” to the IRS and student loans. Well, sorry if we’re blowing your spot, Dom, but somebody had to do it.

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST. In only its second week of publication, Feed the Dog is proud to announce its first breaking news story – Dom, lead singer and guitarist for the band Dom, has a last name. It’s Cournoyer. Dom Cournoyer.

Feed the Dog was recently contacted by a source who wished to remain anonymous, claiming they attended Wachusett Regional High School with Dom, and that Cournoyer was indeed his last name (and for those of you interested in bandmate Bobby K, his last name is Kelly). Our source was unable to back this up with a yearbook photo, adding that Dom was indeed a foster child who moved around a lot, as he had made mention in interviews, and did not end up graduating from Wachusett Regional High. Seeing as we had no verifiable proof of Dom’s last name, we did some digging around the internet and found this strange article written in September 2009 from Yareah magazine, an online publication that features writers and artists from around the world:

In it, an artist who calls himself Simon Bjorge, with “Dom Cournoyer” in parentheses, describes his process in creating collage art. Included on the site is a picture of one of the artist’s collages, looking enormously similar to the collage image currently displayed on the top of Dom’s Myspace, as well as a familiar-looking picture of the man himself, and a brief bio which includes mention of foster care and growing up in Massachusetts. A quick Googling of “Simon Bjorge” finds an empty Myspace page with only two friends – Tom and Dom.

For Feed the Dog, that’s all the proof we really need. Let it be known, indie world, his name is Dom Cournoyer. Help Mr. Cournoyer pay off his debt by buying his band’s praiseworthy debut EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods on Amazon or iTunes. And check out the full bio from Yareah below:

“Simon Björge was born in Stockholm, Sweden on June 6, 1987. At age six he moved with his mother and five sisters to the United States, where he spent only a short time with them before the State of Massachusetts took custody of the children. Until age eighteen he lived in many foster homes, mostly in Massachusetts and Connecticut. He has recently become interested in the visual arts and is working toward a degree in music production.”

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One Response to NEWS: Dom has a last name.

  1. Anon says:

    I went to Fitchburg High School with Dom. He was a few years older than me but we had a class together and he was my first crush. His last name is indeed Cournoyer and his middle name is Simon. He told me that his mother gave him up to the system, but not any of his siblings, because he had red hair. He has “AFLE” tattooed on his knuckles: “Another Fucking Learning Experience”.

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